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Rebel Boxing isn’t just about getting your sweat on (though it’s a nice perk). At Rebel, you’re in an environment where you’re constantly pushing yourself to be better technically but also have fun with our high-energy boxing classes.

And don’t worry – no one will be hitting you! You’ll take all your aggression out on our 100 pound bags, providing a safe, socially distanced workout that will become your favorite form of stress relief.

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How Classes Work

Classes are structured in either 30, 60, or 75 minute workouts. All classes are broken down into a warm-up, 3 minute rounds with a minute active rest in between rounds, and a core finisher/cool down at the end of each workout.

While our workouts are focused on boxing or kickboxing, you never quite know what you might get that day, making each class fully unique.

In addition to boxing classes, members can enjoy our full amenities, including weight training area, cardio equipment, and our turf. Come in and make your own workout or get in a lift before your class.

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Rebels Love Their Workouts

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What if I'm Out of Shape?

Everyone starts somewhere at Rebel! Whether you’re used to cross-training or have put on a few pandemic pounds, you can modify the classes to your needs. Have hip issues? Switch out a kick for a hook. Asthmatic? Take more rests or slow your pace. Our goal is that everyone gets a great workout no matter their abilities and our coaches will be there to help you find what works best for you!