We Rebel Against the Fitness Norms

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No-Contact Group Fitness that’s Fun

At Rebel, we love boxing because it allows us and our members to constantly work to better ourselves. Boxing pushes you to get better and be better with each and every workout. But we also love boxing because it’s simply one of the best full-body workouts.

In addition to boxing classes, members can enjoy our full amenities, including weight training area, cardio equipment, and our turf. Come in and make your own workout or get in a lift before your class.

Plus, with our new Impact Wrap system, you can track your progress like never before!

Meet Impact Wrap

boxing class formats

How Classes Work

Each of our classes are structured in either 30, 60, or 75 minute workouts. All classes are broken down into a warm-up, 3 minute rounds with a minute active rest in between rounds, and a core finisher/cool down at the end of each workout. Classes are 7 days a week, so you’ll be sure to find a couple that fit your schedule!

While our workouts are focused on boxing or kickboxing, you never quite know what you might get that day, making each class fully unique.

What if I’m Out of Shape?

Everyone starts somewhere at Rebel! Whether you’re used to cross-training or have put on a few pandemic pounds, you can modify the classes to your needs. Have hip issues? Switch out a kick for a hook. Asthmatic? Take more rests or slow your pace. Our goal is that everyone gets a great workout no matter their abilities and our coaches will be there to help you find what works best for you!

Meet the Rebels

Nichole Seiler

Nutrition & Boxing Coach, Personal Trainer, Owner

Nichole has been an athlete all her life, and that’s taught her that success comes with discipline and consistency, but even more important than that, a person has to be willing to do the things other people aren’t.

She started as a member after having her third baby, learning to box in classes, and began training a couple of years later. Now as one of the owners of Rebel, Nichole continues to push the boundaries of what’s “comfortable” in classes, always providing a unique, rewarding experience that members love to hate (but mostly love).

As a personal trainer, Nichole helps her clients focus less on the scale and more on what matters – progress, results, and increased strength.

If you come on a day Nichole is working, you’ll likely to meet her two loveable pitbulls, Pickles and Frankie. They’re the emotional support of the gym!

Nichole Seiler, Nutrition & Boxing Coach, Personal Trainer, Owner

Nhut Le

Boxing Coach & Owner

Nhut earned his BA in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Wichita State University, and has been focused on personal and group training ever since. He is our quiet force of motivation, the one that helps remind our members they can do the tough thing, even if that tough thing is a lot of the burpees that he loves.

Nhut taught boxing classes at other gyms before he joined the Rebel team and delights in offering the warm-ups that get your heartrate up like no other coach. Jumping into a Nhut class you’ll get consistent, technical help with a lot of leg work thrown in for good measure.

Nhut Le, Boxing Coach & Owner

Cory Boxberger

Boxing Coach

Cory has been involved in martial arts and coaching for 13 years now. He began in Karate where he was an assistant coach at Butler CC. Over the years, Cory has learned and adapted a lot of technical knowledge from other coaches and professional fighters that he brings into every class and personal mitts session. He really loves working with people that are not satisfied with just being good – they want to be better.

Cory Boxberger, Boxing Coach

Kelsey Burns

Boxing Coach

For as long as she can remember, Kelsey has been training for something. She loves the feeling that working hard gives her and even more so, she likes experiencing this with others. Kelsey got her degree in Athletic Training & Kinesiology from Kansas State University while also being on the Rowing team and working as an athletic trainer with multiple KSU sports teams. Her major taught her how to look at the body as a kinetic chain, each part being important to the next, and train the body in safe and healthy ways.

One of Kelsey’s favorite things about exercising is setting goals and doing hard things. For the last 4 years she’s been doing those exact two things alongside other people in boxing classes and it has made it even more fun to her. Coaching boxing has enhanced this opportunity for her and she’s just getting started.

Kesley Burns, Boxing Coach
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