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Rebel Boxing isn’t just about getting your sweat on (though it’s a nice perk). At Rebel, you’re in an environment where you’re constantly pushing yourself to be better technically but also have fun with our high-energy boxing classes.

And don’t worry – no one will be hitting you! You’ll take all your aggression out on our 100 pound bags, providing a safe, socially distanced workout that will become your favorite form of stress relief.

Schedule & Upcoming Events


6AM – Kelsey

9:30AM – Nhut

12PM – Nhut

5:30PM – Nichole

7PM – Cory


6AM – Nichole

9:30AM – Nichole

4PM – Cory

6PM – Challen


6AM – Nichole

9:30AM – Cory

12PM – Nichole

5:30PM – Moses

7PM – Nhut


6AM – Kelsey

9:30AM – Nichole

4PM – Devin

6PM – Challen


6AM – Nhut

9:30AM – Nhut

12PM – Cory

5:30PM – Cory


8:30AM – Devin

10:30AM – Cory


12PM – Nichole

2PM – Nhut

*Schedule subject to change

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